Friday, April 19, 2013

The Book

Well, I started the book.  Last June I knew I had to write a book.  Rather a daunting proposition!  So I put it off, and the inspiration lost it's sparkle - but never died.  Somehow, today it fizzed up again and I actually started writing the book!  I want to use this blog as a place to try things out, so that both friends of mine and friends of Encounter can give me feedback during the process.  After all, Encounter is a big part of the story that is now becoming the book.  So here we go!

The book is called How Can I Serve the Lord?.  Here are the very first words of this adventure:

Would you be holding this book right now if you had never asked yourself that question? Maybe you never realized how much you are affected by the question until you saw this book. Maybe you picked this book up at random, but what you will find inside it is a word from God for you right now. Whatever the reason you are reading this book, I want to say welcome to a life-changing experience! I say that with boldness, only because I KNOW that the awesome God of the universe has a plan for your life and He is always in the business of changing and transforming each one of us into the person He created and knew before the foundation of the world. I want this book to be an encouragement to those who willingly seek to do the will of God and those who struggle to do the will of God. To those who happily serve and those who dutifully serve. Whatever the condition of your heart or the color of your life, I hope you find within these pages the sweet whisper of the voice of the Lord calling you to the freedom of being all that He has made you to be.

So it begins...

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